For almost 4 decades, Thomas (“Tom”) Evans has been practicing law in Iowa. He represents both employees and employers (private and public) in the areas of workers’ compensation, labor law, labor relations, employment, higher education and administrative law. Tom has built a reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable attorney through his vast and varied experience. Before creating Tom Evans Law Firm, he worked in the private sector, as well as serving 12 years as General Counsel for the State of Iowa Board of Regents where he represented the Board and Iowa’s public universities in a full spectrum of employment law matters before administrative agencies (PERB) and third party neutrals.

  • My varied legal experience and strong work ethic will help you to navigate workplace legal issues.
  • You will have my personal attention on your case.
  • I am well versed at developing a strategy for protecting your rights in many situations, such as workplace discrimination or unsafe working conditions.

Additionally, Tom worked for Polk County, IA as well as the State of Iowa Attorney General’s Office. Tom’s varied professional experience include in human resources, labor relations functions, workers’ compensation, unemployment, and wage recovery. While working for the Attorney General’s Office, Tom represented the State in criminal appeals, personal injury lawsuits, and workers’ compensation claims before the court of appeals, and the Iowa Supreme Court.